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See Carlyle's account of this in his "Miscellanies." Printed Paper Carlyle's satirical name for the literature of France prior to the Revolution. Between 18e wrote five novels, all of them rejected by every..
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The company should concentrate on product development and evolution and delegate distribution roles to outsourced firms. Keller (p 57) postulates that word of mouth advertising is particularly effective at building positive brand image...
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Fast and Sample Near-Optimal Algorithms for Learning Multidimensional Histograms Ilias Diakonikolas, Jerry Li and Ludwig Schmidt. Solving linear programs by using entropic penalization is an old idea with applications throughout optimization and statistics...
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Similarly, in the event of disease, famine or drought, a simple community is quite powerless to affect the outcome. As Lyotard argues that people no longer trust scientist, as science has lead to
Presented by Ang Cui This presentation will demonstrate a novel side channel exploiting CPU out-of-order-execution to enable covert cross-VM communication in cloud computing environments. This year we'll discuss Section 215 of the Patriot
At the same time, the cartel represents a very unstable structure, based on collusion in order to establish a monopoly price in the market, which can be unsatisfactory for some members of