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Gender roles and society essay

gender roles and society essay

another way for the contest of masculinity to take place. These differences are shown most strongly in the development of certain gender related social roles and behavior traits. The society in which we live plays an enormous role in determining the different attitudes and behavior of us all. Gender roles are also changing due to the diversity within the family today. Heterosexual couples are under pressure to perform the certain gender scripts applied to them whereas in a lesbian relationship these same scripts are altered and have less impact on the way they behave. (Boys and Girls) This is how our society expects men to behave. He stated yes, but when asked what makes a man strong, he said fighting. However, if he is the man, the father, the kind of husband God wants him to be, and if he lifts his family to be everything God wants them to be, one of these days he will reap a good harvest in his children.

When we think of gender equality discrimination is the first thought, which comes to mind. Where as, boys are expected to be rough and tough at an early age. The Bible talks a lot about Gods roles for men and women.

Can a man cry? Some girls prefer to play rough and with more masculine toys, and some boys prefer pink and princesses. When babies are born, boys wear blue and girls wear pink. These patterns will continue as long as our society keeps pushing the importance of gendered roles and the dominance of masculinity. A woman should be a guard, and ruler and keeper of the affairs of the home (Prov. Most people feel that it is unfair to say that women can do certain activities better than men and men can do other activities better than women but God actually made men and women differently and has given them different roles in life and society. Maybe, in the near future as a culture we will use gender transcendence, in which as a people we will abandon our "assigned" gender idea, so that other aspects of life become separated and gender free. Gender roles are attached to persons according to their gender. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2000. There are also more women in paid employment, and thanks to the law making it illegal to change the amount of pay an individual is receiving due to their gender, they are on the same level of pay as men. When asked, "Should men wear pink, purple and yellow?" He answered, drop out students essay yes with no hesitation. Journal of Youth Adolescence, 219(5 609-623.

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gender roles and society essay

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