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Texting while driving persuasive essay

texting while driving persuasive essay

Find These Documents Helpful. He drove straight ahead into the metal railing along the bend. Readers are right, if they think that texting and driving is dangerous, and I will even agree. Essay on Texting While to be over. How about receiving a customized one? My friends have learned not to text and drive when I am in the car with them, but that doesnt mean they dont do it when they are alone, or when Im not in the car. Your life, and the lives of your passengers are in your hands, so make good decisions. One segment of the nations population appears particularly vulnerable is the fact that sixty-three percent of these fatal crashes. We will write a custom essay sample. So you jet off in a rush and head to the car. Would a stoplight suffice as a location to text?

The most dangerous thing about texting while driving is that both your hands and brain are distracted (Wood). Persuasive Speech Plan, topic: Texting while driving is dangerous to you and others. First of all Body:. Cell phones are a main distraction that cause the.

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Law enforcement have realized that the percentage of texting and driving accident have risen over the past years. Every year there are one million six hundred thousand, accidents per year and of those accidents there are three hundred thirsty thousand, injuries per year (Distracted Driving Laws). General Purpose: To persuade, specific Purpose: To persuade my audience not to drive and text. Visual- eyes off of road. That is half of our class. By this point there is no turning back, just heartbroken family members and friends. I congratulate authorities on trying to stop texting accidents, but the laws can be a little overdone. Main page, texting and Driving Persuasive, just before senior year, it was a warm summer night. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free. Second way that texting interferes with driving is through memory. Even if a text is not completed, the phone will not spaz out and get rid of everything you just typed at the light.

texting while driving persuasive essay