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Unit circle essay

unit circle essay

2 and legs of 1, so on the unit circle, the dimensions are as follows:and the trig functions are: sin/41 2) cos/41 2) tan/41 csc/42 sec/42 cot/41 11 Know which reference angle to use. The denominator (remembering that 2 is equal to (2) squared) becomes 2: dissertation economique croissance 2 2). Therefore it follows that: sin/3(3 2 cos/31/2 tan/33 csc/32 3) sec/32 cot/31 3) 10 Find and memorize the 6 trig functions of the special angle /4. Because PQ has length y 1, OQ length x 1, and OA length 1, sin( t ) y 1 and cos( t ). 3, understand what a radian.

It is a simplest case so it is widely used in study of dynamical systems. It may be inferred in a similar manner that tan( t ) tan( t since tan( t ) y 1/ x 1 and tan( t ) y 1/.

A radian is another way to measure an angle. 1.3 Sketch, in standard position, an angle with a measure of 1 radian. The cosine value follows a similar logic. The tangent is slightly more difficult. One quarter rotation is 90 or radians. Specific Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of angles in standard position, expressed in degrees and radians. So: 2radian360degree radian(360/2)degree radian(180 degree and 360degree2radian degree(2/360)radian degree 180)radian 5, know the "special" angles. What degree benchmark can we use for 1 radian? It could also tell where a ship is located out in sea if the military needs to take it out.

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