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Under the "fair use" defense, another author may make limited use of the original author's work without asking permission. A book reviewer would be permitted to" passages from a book in a..
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The academic essay tests the students ability to present their thoughts in an organised way and tests their intellectual capabilities. The most richly satisfying essays are those which make the best not of..
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Discursive writing attempts to give both sides of a topic or issue. There are so many amazing hockey players in the world There was a bruise on my leg. The word 'I' is..
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Argumentative essay living on campus

argumentative essay living on campus

live off campus instead of living in the dorms. The disadvantage of off campus living is the travel you might have to make to campus all the time. You do not have to waste your time and money to ride buses or trains or to drive your car to go to the campus. The quality of the beds sometimes requires repair and the closet very often cannot fit in all the belonging of the roommates. When living on campus or living off campus one must recognize the difference in the rules, the roommates, and the opportunities. Being able to learn about cosmopolitan culture in our society is an advantage since it helps the students understand and view society from a new perspective. Home living guarantees the fact that people come to visit the person most often under the condition of a beforehand notice. First, the rent off campus is about 300 to 700 per month. In order to conclude it is important to say that the basic differences between the dorm living and home living are the individual interests of the person and his aims in life. The most important factors to weigh in making the decision are cost, transportation, and independence.

Argumentative Essay : Living on campus

argumentative essay living on campus

This is my essay, please read then give me comment about academic word and structures i used. Thanks There are widely differing views on the issue of whether students should live on campus or not. Some people would suggest that it is more healthier to live off campus. The choice between home life and domestic life can lead to complete transformation of the life of a young man.

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When living on campus there are many numerous ways to get to class faster and time efficiently such as biking, skateboarding. They will be able to interact with various races and ethnic groups. The dormitory does not have a comfortable bed and also the individual cannot equip everything in the most suitable manner for him. APA, mLA, chicago, campus Life. One similarity that roommates have both living off and on campus is that you still essay about life itself have to sit down with them and talk about how you are going to handle the common areas like the kitchen and living room. Normally, off campus housing is more expensive than on campus housing because of the additional charges. Another disadvantage is not being where the action. They are the people you go to if there is conflict between you and someone else or any technical problems with the room you are. In addition, you can spend.

Essay about students living at home and campus

argumentative essay living on campus