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How i celebrated dussehra essay

how i celebrated dussehra essay

Navaratri. Take various forms and destroy the demonic powers. In Kota in Rajasthan, a three day rural fair is held during Dussehra. Throughout Navratri, Ramleela is organised in many parts of the country and people enjoy the enactment of the play based. Artists take on the form of Rama, Sita and Lakshman and they shoot these effigies with the arrow of fire.

how i celebrated dussehra essay

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The fierce battle took place. Dusshera is also called Durgotsav, because it is believed that on the tenth day, Durga too had killed Asirur Mahishasur. Dussehra is also called, vijayadashami and is celebrated as victory. They are power etc. Ladies are Goddess Vedas and they play a vermilion game. By burning effigies, people repeat the message of good victory over evil. He essays on logical fallacies was the king of Lanka. Then people eat and share sweets. Dussehra is celebrated in all the part of India with joy and fervor. The Ramayana, Ravan kidnapped Lord Ramas wife Sita and took her to Sri Lanka.

A big fair is organized in Ramlila Maidan of every region where people of other areas come to see the dramatic stage of Ramlila with this fair. Ram, who came to his ashram, made his brother Vibhishan, the brother of Ravana, became the king of Lanka and his wife left for Sita to Ayodhya. According to the holy Hindu text. The feature is the world's oldest Ramlila performance, which has been running for nearly 200 years.