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Website, eTD 2018 Taiwan, national Library of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan. Must have an ncsu library pass, a local library pass, or you can use guest access in some cases. Microsoft Academic Search..
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Rely on all five of your senses to convey not just what the space looks like but what it feels like. Topics must be new and cannot overlap with research topics in any..
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However, between 500 million and.5 billion children are estimated to experience violence yearly. Revictimization for prior victims is an important topic in our society. There are several types of abuse which include emotional..
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Pulkit grover thesis

pulkit grover thesis

has been a major bottleneck in understanding the interplay of control and communication. PDF ITW '07 Pulkit Grover, Bounds on the Tradeoff between decoding complexity and rate for codes on graphs, Proceedings of the ieee Information Theory Workshop (ITW) 2007, Lake Tahoe, CA, 2007. Regular ldpc codes are order-optimal in the Node Model. Our approach of using semi-deterministic models to obtain approximately-optimal strategies can be extended to understand toy problems of control under commu- nication constraints which could not have been understood earlier.

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Carnegie Mellon University, coded Computation, can one use error correcting codes to compute reliably on delay or fault prone processors? In fact, for quantized distributed computing, our new techniques TIT'17a reveal that the classical cut-set bounds are loose by an arbitrarily large factor because they do not capture this accumulation. However, systems in nature and human society are rife with examples where neither the source nor channel is explicit, and actions, not words, appear to "speak." This phenomena of what we can call implicit communication is little understood in the theory of control, and little. In essence, it relies on a spatial Nyquist rate estimation when, really, Nyquist rate (as estimated) has nothing to do with how much information you can infer about the brain activity from the scalp. Theory: Developing a fundamental understanding of complexity of coding has proven extremely difficult: fundamental limits on complexity of problems are in general hard to obtain. I have observed two important aspects: (i deep understanding of encoding and decoding costs is required : our fundamental limits on reliability/precision and energy tradeoffs isit'14 conclusively show that viewing noisy circuits merely as noisy channels' and computing Shannon capacities can provide misleading insights because. The question: Let us consider two control agents that are connected using a noisy communication link. In: ieee International Symposium on Information Theory (isit). Nips '16 Sanghamitra Dutta, Viveck Cadambe, and Pulkit Grover. Of particular interest is the question: what novel intellectual and theoretical questions does this area raise? Ongoing work seeks to obtain novel techniques for information-flow estimation.

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pulkit grover thesis

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