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Ways to show patriotism essay

ways to show patriotism essay

a country. But his sense of patriotic is entirely different from that of Napoleon or Hitler. It what is a literary analysis essay answers is seen in quite a variety of different places. Patriotism has passed from one person to another, as if it is contagious. Patriots are known to love their country unconditionally and are proud. Every country in the world has its set of patriots people who are ready to do anything for their country. It also brings people of a country closer and helps them experience the love and joy of sharing and caring. If the mindset of people had been same around 100 years back, they would have never united and fought for the freedom of the country.

Patriotism is one of the purest feelings in the world. Although the city suffered much grief, the attack has spurred people from all over the country to show their respect and support. If everyone possesses the feeling of patriotism and does not think about gratifying his/ her individual interest, there will be benefits certainly to the country. However, he does so for his own gain and does not actually possess these feelings.

We should do something that could make our nation more developed. A patriot feels selflessly for his country. The feeling of patriotism is required for the betterment and development of a country. He condemned the British government for its brutal treatment. However, the feeling of patriotism among the people of India could especially be seen during the British reign. He was known for his strong ideologies. So, our sense of belongingness for her land, her rivers and streams, hills and valleys, trees and plants, her living creatures, her language and culture is patriotism. The government, schools and other institutions must take initiative to enlighten the spirit of patriotism among the citizens. Many people in the past have served their countries and even laid their lives for. So, Dr Johnson has rightly said: 'Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.'.

Schools and colleges must take initiative to instil children with a feeling of love and respect for their country. The Feeling of Patriotism must be Instilled. The true statesmen contribute their selfless service to their country and countrymen and thus enhance the prestige of the nation in the international field, This is a kind of patriotic. Everybody must have the sense of patriotism, and it should be limited to the welfare of his own country. Conclusion, the citizens of India must be inspired to serve the country in whatever way they can. Patriots put the nations interest above their own and work with devotion for its betterment.