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Argument essay on medicaid

argument essay on medicaid

every 100 uninsured people who are enrolled in Medicaid, the taxpayers will need to pay to provide Medicaid for about 42 individuals who already have insurance. . If a state opts for ACA Medicaid expansion, they effectively lose this budget option. Through 2004, the share of the non-elderly.S. D., Is Medicaid Expansion Really a No-Brainer for States?, jama Forum, April 3, 2013. States should demand more control and flexibility to expand coverage their own way. This is highly inefficient and wastes taxpayer money. .

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He explains that every dollar going into the.S. There are no doubt many other arguments for or against a state opting for the ACA Medicaid expansion option. . Requiring true negligence on the part of the doctor - you free hospitals from the need to run excessive tests to simply cover their butts. However, as many as 60 of these new enrollees 3 are likely to drop private coverage in order to sign up for Medicaid, moving from private to public insurance that will be funded by taxpayers. . Nationally, for every dollar primary care received from someone with employer-sponsored insurance in 2008, Medicaid only paid 52 cents. The additional federal funding will lead to new jobs, tax revenues from for-profit providers and health plans, and other direct and indirect economic benefits to the state. Medicaid spending will explode. Expanding Medicaid without a guarantee of flexibility would be a major missed opportunity good ways to end an expository essay for the states.

In every state, large numbers of individuals are already eligible for but not enrolled in Medicaid. . This compares to the standard federal Medicaid match rate of 50 percent to 77 percent, which varies based on a states relative per capita income. . Industry groups supported ACA assuming new revenue from insurance coverage expansions would largely (albeit not necessarily fully) offset the lost revenue from payment cuts. . 9 Charles Blahous, Expanding Medicaid: The Conflicting Incentives Facing States, Mercatus Center, March 5, 2013. Together, they can insist that Washington provide more flexibility over Medicaid spending so they can expand access to care without burdening taxpayers with significant new costs or burdening their citizens with being relegated to a program that can be worse than being uninsured. 12 Drew Gonshorowski, Obamacare and the Medicaid Expansion: How Does Your State Fare?, The Heritage Foundation: The Foundry, March 5, 2013.

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