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Army accountability essays

army accountability essays

are needed. More often, and especially if you lose your weapon in a combat zone, you're looking at a "Field Grade Article 15" if your chain of command is feeling very generous. I was told by certain individuals to leave it at home, but I failed as an NCO to ask my section leader on how to properly secure my weapon. Without having accountability there is no way of knowing where soldiers are or whats going. Not only does accountability matter in formation, but it is also imperative to have accountability if all of your weapons and sensitive items. The reason I have been assigned to do this task is due to my failure of being attentive and securing my weapon and having it with me at all time. The army has several ways to correct this issue if it is a continuous problem.

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However, I also feel that as leaders, they should also realize that things may happen with the soldiers. Being late is not only unacceptable in the army, but it is unacceptable anywhere. When you have a job in the civilian world they are looking for someone that be on time and do the job but the second that you are not on time your accountabliity starts to go down the drain. Accountability in the Army 9 Essay or any similar topic only for you. It is made to get accountability of everyone and put out any information that there needs to be dealt with. Always having your sensitive items is very important and I should have treated my weapon as one of those. It is not just the fact that everyone is accounted for it is part of your military duty to be at formation and at movement. An so I forget the value of my weapon and what it means.