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Chicken pox essay

chicken pox essay

positive admission decision, nor will previous academic disappointments necessarily result in a negative outcome. Print, reference this, published: Mon, introduction. The principle behind oral vaccination is that high gut immunity levels prevent transmission of the wild or pathogenic polio viruses. If it appears near or over the eyes, shingles can also lead to a severe infection of the retina, which can lead to vision loss. It occurs in following ways- a) Contact with infected person.g., small pox and chicken pox. In live vaccines, the pathogen, either virus or bacteria is weakened or attenuated. While the argument as to whether universal vaccination against varicella continues, this combination vaccine is viewed from a critical point because of increased risk of febrile seizures. Treatment is available to decrease the severity of the infection and reduce symptoms. In such vaccines, the immunogenecity is enhanced by conjugating english honors thesis penn the antigens with other proteins like meningococcus, hemophilus and pneumococcus that are T-dependent and induce immulogic memory (Ghaffar and Haqqi, 2010). MMR vaccine vaccine contains 1000 tcid50 of measles, 5000 tcid50 of mumps and 1000 tcid50 of rubella virus.

For example, the vaccines against HPV virus, for the prevention of cervical cancer are around 100US dollars. The shingles rash often develops in a pattern along the nerves of the chest and belly. It can cause severe pain, however, which can sometimes last for months. Some medical have been discovered which can suppress aids virus. Adjuvants are those chemicals which are added in the vaccine to enhance the immunogenecity of the vaccines. Types of vaccines, the antigens in vaccines may be either live organisms, modified exotoxins, subunits of organisms or whole inactivated organisms. Indirect transmission: The pathogens of some diseases are carried through some intermediate agents.

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Modes of transmission : v Contaminated food and water. All Answers ltd, 'The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Colonialism History Essay' (m, October 2018) p?vref1 accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard. The pathogens do not cause any disease because they are attenuated. Vaccination is associated with many side effects. Pathogens like protozoa, viruses and intracellular bacteria which harbor inside the cells cannot be accessed by the antibodies and in such diseases, cells harboring the pathogens need to be destroyed (Ghaffar and Haqqi, 2010). A number of wild animals also carry the virus,.g. Other undesirable adverse reactions can occur in 1-10 percent cases. Advanced technological equipment and facilities necessary for improvements in medical and healthcare services, building of railroads and other developments in transportation, modern education etc.

chicken pox essay

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